Rapids at Union 08-14-2010

Benjamin Kowalsky
Aug 14th 2010

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OK so its halftime here at the Bulldog. Im two beers in and Im having a pretty good day so far. Wait let me check my phone. YES! Ok so my beloved Chelsea FC (fuck all yall) and Besiktas J.K (the best team youve never heard of) just won today. So thus far, good day for football.

Its not all sunshine and rose, however. Colin Clark, as we have heard from the Rapids press release, is out for the season again. This is very upsetting news, especially as the game in which Colin re-injured his knee was his best performance all season. Its tragic sports irony, I suppose, that once one begins to play without thinking of ones nagging injury, one suffers the same fate as last season.

The Bulldogs wish you nothing but a speedy recovery, Colin. We know you have years in you yet.

The first half has been much back and forth, much more on the young Philly Unions part than the Rapids part. Ginger Ninja got a terrible Yellow Card. But thats nothing new. Other than that, it was exciting.


Sung to the tune of "Our God is an Awesome God"


If you havent heard "Our God is an Awesome God", Id consider you lucky. But still it is a catchy tune.


If you dont know this song, then you either did not grow up in the 90s or you had no childhood. In which case you probably know "Our God is an Awesome God" very well. Probably by heart. Essentially its the same exact song rapped by Vanilla Ice in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze" (my favorite in the series, by the way) save for the lame other parts, you know, the parts where hes not saying "GO NINJA GO NINJA GO" i.e. the entire rest of the song.


And fuck YEAH we just did the new Ninja song.

Note to self: make new songs about every Rapids player.

Great goal from Larentowicz. Wells puts the ball down and the Ninja sends an absolute scorcher to the net. Beautiful ball right there. Fantastic play.

Rapids are still up 1-0. The Bulldog has ignited.

Yellow is the color...football is the game...We love to get carded...Rapids be our name...

Mental chant going around right now. Eager to put this game away and get the three points!

Rapids are playing really aggressively right now. Its fantastic. Unfortunately, this usually results in us accumulating cards. Id rather have three points and a truckload of cards than no points and no cards, who is with me, eh?

I have to give it to this Philly team, though. They came out of the gates with some fantastic passing and great creativity. Give them a few minutes and they will makes something happen.

And no sooner do I say it that Mwanga gets a fantastic assist from LeToux. Bit of a defensive flub from Baudet as well. Great link up play from the Union. Colorado needs to keep the pressure on.

Methinks I should type something positive about the Rapids...like... Medhi is going to score a goal. OK. Ready? Medhi is going to score a goal. I can almost see ball hitting net already. and hear that familiar swish.

And Kosuke just got clocked. Medical staff is on the pitch now. Hope he is OK. Hes getting up and limping off the pitch now.

Pablo takes a shot but hits it with his purse! GASPER!

I cant help but wonder why Lopez isnt in right now. Were chasing three points, here, not trying to defend one!

Almost goal from Philly from a set piece! Pickens looks unbelievably positive today. He must be enjoying his new beard. TRAVIS: THE RETURN?

Jamie gets a yellow card. Do we give a fuck anymore? No. Neither do I. Yellow IS the color. Play hard and let the cards fall where they may.

Unless of course that means we lose half our team due to suspensions. That uhh... That would be a backfire at this point.

I swear this Ref is from Philly. Good fight from Conor! Though I have to say, Amarikwa fights harder. More to prove, I guess.

LOTS of fight right now from both teams. Philly and Rapids both desperate to take three from this one. Always delightful to see from MLS sides.


It didnt happen. Philly almost got another one to rob us of the three points.

Why isnt this blogging magic working?

PHILLY WITH A....offiside call. Psych sauce. They really have got to work on that.

Koz gets clocked AGAIN! Seconds left

AND THATS A WRAP. Got one point in Philly. Great physical football throughout. Feast of yellow cards which warm the cockles of every Rapids fans heart. Our burgundy hearts. I did say cockles. And I am only slightly drunk.

Ill be along later with a proper (read: sober) review of the game. As for now, I hope you guys had a great time watching.