A Moment With Mehdi

Benjamin Kowalsky
Sep 11th 2010

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Good Evening, my friends and fans.

Photo Credit: FC DENVER

Today I am rather excited, for I (your favorite player) am in New York City, about to do battle on the pitch with the New York Red Bulls. Yes, I shall be on the same pitch as Thierry Henry. I have dreamed of this day for years. I know this because I keep a dream diary, in which I record my dreams the moment I wake up, just before I begin my morning meditations.

Last night, apparently, I dreamt that I was being chased by Rafa Marquez, who was holding a can of Silly-String and threatened to entangle it in my hair. Marquez was dressed in a top hat and tuxedo, and was wearing a monocle.

On the whole, it was one of the more sensible dreams I have had. At least dream-Rafa had the decency to wear pants this time.

Though the monocle...

Anyway, I am excited to be playing in New York. It is a beautiful city. I had been planning our team-excusion to the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art as soon as the schedule was released. I left the sign up sheet in the dressing room just after our game against Chivas (looks like the Kierkegaard paid off, hmm?) and as of our departure, no one had responded. I thought that perhaps the lads just handt gotten around to seeing it.

Well, three hours of waiting at the designated meeting spot in the hotel lobby later... I decided that this would have to be a solo trip.

I asked Kosuke why he didnt attend my cultural excursion, and he replied that he and Omar intended to go to "That Library where they shot Ghostbusters."

Their loss, yet again!

As always, the museums of New York are truly a feast for the mind. I am saddened that my team mates dont appreciate these sorts of things. But, in my defense, I did give them ample time to respond to my request for company.

My erstwhile room-mate Julien Baudet had decided that he wanted his own room for this trip. Something about "I dont like it when Mehdi watches me while I sleep."

Look, I am just trying to complete my sleep-study on the habits of French people while they sleep. No, I dont care that Im not dong it for some University program. Did DaVinci work for a University? No.

No he did not. He also wasnt a professional footballer, so there.

Well, now Im going to go try to do some Sudoku with Pablo. He hasnt been up for it yet, but I think Im wearing him down. People can resist the temptation of putting numbers in boxes for so long.