The Summer that Wouldnt End

Paul Merritt
Nov 29th 2010

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Well I purchased my MLS Cup champions tee shirt, the songs have been sung, and the drinks have been drank. As much as I hate to admit it I guess the seasons over.Now its a LONG winter of touchdown, commercial, kick off, commercial with a little bit of "did the Nuggets trade Melo yet?" mixed in for color wonderful.

As depressing as that sounds, it was a GREAT year my first full one (or close enough to full) with the Rapids and I wanted to honor it with a list of 25 random thoughts, approximately one for each Kevin Hartman fluff piece ESPN subjected us to prior to the final.

1. My favorite goal this year a thunderbolt from JamRock off foot no less! .

2. Buying Wallace back and getting Nassi for an international spot we probably cant afford to sign anyone with anyway gets a nod from me. For those of you keeping score, that means the Rapids starting 11 from the Cup will be BACK!

3. You said you werent going anywhere Pablo. Dont think we wont hold you to it!


Both photos: Bulldog Supporters Group

5. Dont worry Dax Ill still hate you regardless of where you end up playing next year. Enjoy the warm reception when you come out to Commerce City.

6. Would it be too homer of me to say that Jeff Larentowicz deserves a cap or two? His performance in the cup, and the last two or three months in general have been nothing short of dominant.

7. The top three on my must heckle hit list for next season: 1. Jair Benitez, 2. Moises Hernandez, 3. Kyle Beckerman. Sorry you didnt make the top 3 Mr. Hartman...

8. Thanks again Mac, get well soon man.

Photo: Getty Images

9. Bus rides out to DSG this picture says it all

Photo: Bulldog Supporters Group

10. Going to England was great but (and GOD I hope my wife doesnt read this) in hindsight I think I would have rather made the Salt Lake trip.

11. 9/11 in New York getting killed by the Red Bulls it was me and like 5 or so faithful at the Bulldog. That was the lowest for me.

12. Pitting the MLS against the NFL/NHL/NBA regular season TV schedule is no way to grow this sport in America. Commissioner Garber, please say no to the international schedule.

13. Well, unless the NFL and NBA lockout next year

14. People use all sorts of terms and scales to describe levels of inebriation. I updated mine this year with "Kentucky Derby night drunk" and "Bar Bar drunk".

15. Theres no such thing as a bad time for a nice, offensive anti Utah chant.

16. Marvell Wynne great leaper, fast as hell, gutsy, and heart attack inducing at times with those inexplicable clearing headers back towards the middle. My favorite player on the team.

17. The British Bulldog, November 6th, 2010. The center of the known universe.

Photo: Bulldog Supporters Group

18. I tell my wife all the time that this summer will stand out in my mind forever. Going to Europe, meeting the BSG, and making new friends all over place. Its been the best.

19. Random San Jose fan in the pro shop on November 13th: "Man how can you guys live out here, it so damn cold!!!" Paul back to him: "Thats what your players are saying right now."

20. We stayed warm by screaming our lungs out...

Photo: Bulldog Supporters Group

21. After the Victory Parade the other night, a couple of us sat at the Bully and tried to talk in reasonable terms about the upcoming expansion draft. I say "tried" because I know for me at least its hard to say anything negative about this group of guys Every time I try I feel like a mom trying to give an objective opinion on her 5 year old sons tee ball game.

22. Matt Baumgartner, Jennifer Gleason, Matt Baker, Jon Forget, and Richard Bamber in no particular order. Next time you see one of them buy a round. Thanks guys.

23. Next season its going to be really hard for us to balance expectations. We have to take things in stride and remember that we are wearing the bullseye now.

24. This team, this year, the BSG...were some comedic relief and an evil villain away from a Disney movie!

25. Cant wait for some more opportunities to come through with a nice sturgeon face.

Photo: Bulldog Supporters Group

See you next season!