Salt Lake Arrangements

Richard Bamber
Oct 13th 2011

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Wow, what a crazy couple of days! Since our president, Jon Forget, sent out his rallying call last week the response from you guys has been amazing. Reservations have been flooding in for the shuttles and, as I write this on Thursday morning, it looks that by the end of today you will be lucky to get a spot on anything except the first Three Lions bus which is filling up nicely & will eventually sell out.

The days leading up to the big games are some of my favorite times as a BSG member. Its as if the club collectively shifts up a gear as everybody gets pumped for the match. The gameday team of volunteers has been doubled in size and it seems that every day I am making phone calls to revise our plans upwards; more buses from Colorado Charter, more tickets from the Rapids etc.

So on to Friday then: The plan is that the pig will be roasting away outside the Three Lions from when it opens at 11am. The tailgate team will be making final preparations & all are welcome to come down, grab a (small!) lunch & generally hang out. There will be lots of little tasks to do & we would appreciate anyone who can show up & lend a hand.

Our shuttle team are going to be working flat out to get everyone squared away with tickets & wristbands so please ensure you arrive at least 30mins before your departure time & encourage others to do the same. Check in will be open (for both bars) at the Three Lions from 11am & at the Bulldog from 3pm so why not swing by earlier to get this taken care of?

We along with the other supporters groups have challenged the Salt Lake supporters to a game which will be on Field 6 by the tailgate at 6.15pm. The game will be 2x 25minute halves & so will be over in about an hour. If you want to play, please send an email to Bring cleats, shinguards & a burgundy T-shirt to play in.

The tailgate will start at 5pm with the first shuttle getting their soon after. We would like everybody to pitch in & carry one item to help the tailgate team break down. We plan to assemble at 8pm in order to march in to the stadium at 8.10pm. This should have everybody in position on the terrace so that we are in the best position to support the team from the kick-off. Our gameday team volunteers are some of the best in the league & are here to help & ensure that everybody has a safe & enjoyable evening, so please help them out if they request something.

This game will be a first in that there will be a large (300-350 people), noisy & hostile away support immediately to the left of the terrace. Naturally there will be extra security due to this & they will be concentrating on the area near the Salt Lake fans. While you are permitted to take up a position in that area & enjoy the game, anybody caught flicking V signs, yelling foul & abusive language or engaging in other offensive behavior will receive a warning (yellow) card from security. A second offense will result in ejection from the stadium. The best advice I can give is to concentrate on supporting the team from the raised section of the terrace and let the away fans do their thing. I also do not want to hear complaints about the behavior of the away fans unless it directly affects you. Yes its not fair that they may get away with stuff but lets not sink to their level. Its far better to concentrate on our team with witty chants & loud, passionate support.

The buses will leave about 15 minutes from the end of the game & there will be at least 4 of them. Please check the signs on the sides to ensure you get on a bus that goes to your desired bar afterwards. Anybody with a wristband may board any bus to any bar, irrespective of where you checked in on the outbound journey. Please also remember that our captains are there to ensure your safety & have final say on who goes on what bus, please respect them if they say a bus is full & can take no more passengers. We will get everyone to where they want to go to & most people will enjoy non-stop service. As a final note, all our buses are strictly non-smoking, be it cigarettes or anything else. We will not tolerate people who flout this rule as it spoils the experience for others.

So with the arrangements all set it just remains for the boys to do the job on the field & bring home the Rocky Mountain Cup along with three valuable play-off points. Go Rapids!