LA Game Incident

Richard Bamber
Apr 23rd 2012

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Saturday was a huge day for the BSG & the Rapids as both organizations broke records for attendance. The Rapids had a crowd of 19,152 which should be considered as a sell out plus as every seat & spot in the terrace was sold in a stadium that has a capacity of 18,086, & the only extra tickets sold were for standing room on the stadium bowl. The BSG chartered 5 buses to take 300 people to the match & hosted a tailgate for over 400 people in our biggest showing at a home game ever. Myself & the rest of the BSG officers would like to thank everyone who came out for your support, it really does mean the world to us.

Sadly, an otherwise perfect day was marred by an incident near the end of the match when two cans were thrown on to the field within a 15 second period as the Rapids prepared to take a penalty. David Beckham retrieved the 1st can, a Tecate tallboy, from the field & as he was returning to the outside of the area the 2nd can, this time a crushed Strongbow one, was aimed at him. Our position on this is that no matter how high-profile or what team they are associated with, no player, official or fan deserves to have an object thrown at them. There is no excuse for this behavior & both the BSG & the Rapids consider it second only to physical violence in severity.

The positive side to this is that several BSG members immediately realized the seriousness of what had happened and worked with security, managing to catch the individual who threw the 2nd (Strongbow) can. That person was quickly removed and received a one year stadium ban on the spot. The Rapids are now assessing their options for further sanctions against him. This person was not a BSG member and is unlikely to have ridden our buses or attended our tailgate pregame. I would like to thank everybody who helped. Having a detection is fantastic this time as there have been similar incidents the past where the perpetrators have gone unpunished while the supporters have felt the consequences. Because of this, we should see this as a partial success of the self-policing model. It is bad that objects got thrown, but good that we were able to assist security in the apprehension.

The Rapids are currently on the lookout for the second individual who threw the 1st (Tecate) can. Because of this, I would like to make a general appeal for witnesses of the incident or general crowd photographs of the section of the east terrace directly in front of the capo stand. Please email me in confidence at

Please do not let this incident put a downer on what was otherwise a great day, but I hope you can see that we have to take things like this seriously as they really do threaten all that is good about the terraces.

Anyway, I hope to see you Saturday,